Given a choice, would you prefer to live near a crowded, noisy street or a lush green park? Almost all of you would choose the second option… And you would be right!

After all, anything that reduces our exposure to the everyday ‘cocktail’ of surrounding pollutants has got to be a good thing. Not to forget the toxic household cleaners, chemical loaded personal products that get absorbed right into our body… creating a toxic wasteland right there!

Though you might not be able to control some of the things you’re exposed to, you will be surprised to know how much changing your lifestyle can benefit your health.

Studies  show that people living near greener zones are healthier, more active- they tend to be more relaxed and less stressed put. Greener and cooler outdoor environments are found to  encourage physical and social activity.

Research in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health says the impact is particularly noticeable in reducing rates of mental ill health. This is particularly applicable to children.  They were 21% less likely to suffer from depression in the greener areas.

Living within a one-kilometer radius of a green space was significantly linked with reduced risk of 15 out of 24 disease clusters, that is, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, mental illness, respiratory disease, neurological disease, and digestive disease!

People living near parks also enjoy many economical benefits than urban residents. For example – If your house were located near a park, then your property would have ‘Increased Market Value’ by default. Such locations have economic advantages to the municipal or civic governments too. A house that has a beautiful and peaceful park nearby will immediately grab the attention of prospective clients if the property comes on the market. People are always looking out for a housing that is an ideal retreat from crowded and noisy streets.

While it may seem like one home is too small to make a difference, each new green building is one significant step on the road to a cleaner, healthier future.


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