Real estate jargons are a tough nut to crack. They can be highly misleading and confusing, esp. to a first time home buyer. Most of us are unaware of these terms and end up paying more than what we are actually supposed to, while buying a property.

The following post is about the most basic, but daunting units used to describe the space that you eventually end up buying/ paying for :-

  • The Carpet Area or the actual usable space in a house.
  • The Built-up Area, which is the total space a house consumes including the carpet area and the area of the walls put together. The area of a terrace is usually considered as half of the built up area.
  • Super Built-up Area, that includes built up area plus common usable spaces like stair cases, passages or lifts. It is also known as the Saleable Area.

Consider the following example, If you choose a 3BHK 1500 Square Feet flat,

The super built area would be 1500 Sq ft .
Built up – 1125 Sq ft (25% of super built up area)
Carpet – 1012.5 Sq ft (10% of built up area)

To understand this better, click on the reference image of our project Haridwar Greens. It is a typical 2BHK layout provided by the builder. Here the difference between the various types of areas are clearly highlighted.

This mechanism should be kept in mind if you want to compare offerings by different builders, as for obvious reasons, a buyer would only wish to pay for the space that is available for his personal use – in other words, the carpet area. However, there is no contained space without walls, so the buyers wind up paying for that too. This is, of course, unavoidable.

Anything below these deduction figures and you should know that the builder is making profits by means that are not exactly healthy to the long term life of the project.

Still have questions? Leave a comment here, and we will get back to you.

13 Responses to Buying a House? Pay only for what you buy!

  1. dev says:

    This is amazing that Such a mechanism should be kept in mind if you want to compare products from different builders for obvious reasons the buyer will pay for his personal use of the space is hope.

  2. Raul says:

    Good one and well said,
    I have no idea about Carpet Area,Built-up Area and Super Built-up Area. It is really nice post, thanks for sharing such nice post with us.

  3. Aditi das says:

    I need minimum 700square feet carpet how much will be my super build up area?and for how much area should I pay?

  4. Sriram says:

    Hi there ,thanks for the useful info .

    I am planning to buy a flat in the gaur city (noida extension),,the various dealers there are offering me a
    Rate of around 3150-3300/sq ft..and they say ..additional charges would include the covers car parking charge(250000),and they are charging an extra amount per sq ft…for eg:a 9th floor would cost me more than a 14 th floor ..And they also mention a lease rent amount of 85/95 per sq lease rent a fixed or does it depend on the location of the apartment Gaur city a safe bet to put money on ?..are the rate slabs that I mentioned okay ?

  5. Informative post first time i heard about Super Built-up Area.Thanks for sharing this post

  6. Ravindra Chavan says:

    Sir Kindly reply to my suggestions. I want to buy 2BHK flat at palghar builders has shown 586 Sq.ft. Carpet area Built up area is 812 sq.ft. Now let us tell me on which area shall i pay to builders whether carpet or built up. Pls reply

    • BOP Group says:

      Hi… you will pay for the built up area. Carpet area is a part of built up area that you actually use for your flat.

  7. Hello,

    First of all i would like to thank you for the valuable post. Nowadays each and every family wants to buy new house, so providing some valuable information like this would help everyone to understand the risks in buying a new houses.

    Thank you,
    Deepak Kotian
    Mangalore Properties

  8. anandmahal says:

    First time buy a home that cHeck the all information about that property.

  9. preeti says:

    Thanks for this blog!!
    your blog is very informative

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    • BOP Group says:

      Thanks for the appreciation! Hope you read our blogs regularly. And all the best your your search. We’d be happy to help in any way we can! :)

  11. Ecovillage says:

    Very informative post…Investors as wells as buyers must read this.Keep posting.

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